Resume Writing Services

When your job hunt begins to consume time and energy with no promising results, it’s time to find professional help in putting together a resume. A well-crafted resume tells your story: What you have to offer, and what makes you specially qualified to deserve an interview. All of this needs to come at an affordable price and produce an appealing resume that won’t leave the human resource department feeling like you’ve wasted their time.

No one knows your story better than you. After all, you’ve lived it. Besides knowing where, or if, you’ve worked; you know where you went to school, and what you like to do in your spare time. Knowing the facts, however, and presenting your history as an interesting story that summarizes your attributes and skills, are two separate matters.

It’s time you told your story. A professional resume service does this for you. They listen and then help put together an eye-catching, concise summary to capture the attention of a potential boss. The process is a work of art that will land you a job.

Be Different to the Competition

Much like walking into an overstocked library and pulling the best book off the shelves, a hiring manager tirelessly looks through stacks of applicants in search of one that is interesting and offers quality. The professional cover, however, is often what will get you noticed allowing you to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

A Resume / CV that Gets an Interview
The ultimate goal is to land the job. First, you have to get an interview. A well-prepared resume is your key to get your foot in the door for an interview. Once you’re face-to-face, you have a one-on-one chance to open up and reveal the highlights of your story.

Employer’s Point of view
A potential employer is asking one question: What do you have to offer the organization? Hiring managers need to find qualified applicants without wasting time or resources. A well-designed resume’ gets their attention while respecting their time by providing a summary that shows you’ve researched the company to provide appropriate answers to their unspoken questions.

Affordable Pricing
If you’re looking for a job, chances are you probably don’t have extra money to throw away. Get results with a professional resume writing service, who knows how to hone your skills and present them as valuable.

Please Note: Resume writing is a style and industry unto itself. The same grammar (verb tense, etc.) and punctuation rules that most writing styles follow, do not fully apply to resume writing, and as such, the style of resume writing follows rules that are unique. If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a one or two page resume?

A one page resume is more suitable for new grads or entry level job seekers. Two page resume for more experienced individuals usually 10+ years is more suitable. All in all, what is most important is whether it is easy to read and gives important information upfront. The resume design is also equally important.

Should I have a different resumes for the different positions I’m applying for?

Having different resumes may not be necessary. What is important is to customize your resume to the position applied for. This can be done by changing the positioning statement or editing the summary section to make it more inclined to what you are applying for.

Should I include references on my resume or create a separate reference page?

It is preferable not to have the references as they usually do not add weight to your resume. References seldom are specific/ important to the role applying for so only put references when asked and on a separate reference sheet.

Should I hire a professional resume writer?

According to *Source: be Satisfied Resume Impact Survey, March 2009, if you hire a professional writer, you will be 38% more likely to get contacted by recruiters, 31% more likely to get an interview and 40% more likely to get the job. A resume writer will assist you to get the right key words, is able to effectively communicate your skills and is knowledgeable about hiring practices.

Should I include an objective on my resume?

Recruiters do not like objectives as it focuses more on the needs of the job seeker rather than the needs of the potential employer. So avoid objectives and instead use a positioning statement that clearly explains what you have to offer.

Should I include high school on my résumé?

If you are are applying for an internship position or you are an entry level job seeker, then high school qualifications can be included in the resume. Otherwise, if that is not the case, (more experienced/ higher qualifications) it is unnecessary.

Should I include short-term jobs on my resume?

Unless it is relevant to the job you are applying for, short term jobs do not add value to your resume.

How do I explain long absences of work on my resume?

Honesty would do in this kind of situation, but one should also demonstrate that you have been retaining/ growing your skills whilst in the long break.

Should I include a picture on my resume?

Unless the job specifically asks for a picture, do not include this in your resume. Your looks are not relevant to your potential as an employee. Unless you are applying for a face modelling job.

Should I include a cover letter with my resume if it is not required?

A cover letter is very important as it puts the focus more on the employer rather than the resume that focuses on you. It is also a platform where you can easily sell your benefits by correlating the employers requirements with your top competencies.

What do I include on a cover letter?

4 things; contact information, salutation, body (includes brief introduction of what you have to offer and bullet points demonstrating how you match the job requirements) and an appropriate closing.

Should I add a QR Code to my resume?

It may not be necessary, probably will make you look tech savvy/ cool but at the same time it can serve to be useful if the code links/ directs the recruiter to useful materials and detailed information about what you can offer that you may not be able to put in the resume. A separate link through the code can also allow one to demonstrate samples of work/ portfolio.