Resume Questionnaire

PLEASE take your time and consider your answers carefully.  Although some of these questions will not be relevant to your situation, and you may skip those, the more information you can provide us, the better the end result.  Keep in mind that not all information provided will appear on your resume, but it will be used as a launching-pad to determine the best style, design format and length for you and will give us a little insight into the person you want to market to employers.  Provide as much detail as possible.  This will help us to craft a resume that will market the best in you and distinctively set you apart as the ideal candidate for the position.

Some of the questions may appear repetitive.  Therefore, if you have no new information to provide for a given question, leave it blank.  You need only provide information one time.

Please provide only the updated information, covering the period from the latest version of your resume to the present.

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